Guidelines for residents

ASUNTO-OSAKEYHTIÖ ULVILANTIE 29/Housing company Ulvilantie 29

Guidelines – Download link

The board of directors

The chairman of the Board of directors:  Peik Hovi.

Housing company office

Aarre Isännöinti Oy / Property manager Timo Metsälä
Metsänneidonkuja 12, 02130 Espoo
Tel. 020 198 6700

Service, mob. 050 62502

Tapani Mokko
Mika Suomela

Notification of move

Moving in and moving out shall be notified to the housing company: > sähköinen asiointi > muuttoilmoitus
Please see for further information about the notification of move

Notifications about defects and emergency duty

Notifications about defects

The notifications about defects (such as leaking taps, blocked sewers, broken doors and windows etc.) must be
made to service immediately (mob 050 62502).

Information about vandalism and disturbance

Please inform the service or the property manager immediately about vandalism or disturbance despite of the
time of the day.
You are not allowed to disturb other residents, especially between 11 pm and 7 am. Each of the residents is
asked to pay attention to the comfort of living of other residents in the area.

On-call duty

On-call duty hours are between 4 pm and 7 am (Monday-Friday) and 24 h on Saturdays, Sundays and public
holidays. Only necessary works will be made during on-call duty hours which can not be postponed to be made
during normal working hours without causing additional damage.
The residents will be invoiced for opening the door to apartment during on-call duty hours.

Payment of maintenance charge, rent and other payments to housing company

All payments to the housing company (including maintenance charge, rents and water charges) shall be paid
monthly to housing company’s bank account on 5. day each month at the latest.
Please use the payment reference given to you in the invoices.
More information about payments: or tel. 020 198 6700 (select 1).


The values of the housing company are
1) Good governance and management of finances
2) High class maintenance of the property
3) Safe and comfortable surroundings for living
4) Sense of community
5) Being close to nature and to respect esthetic values in the maintenance of our property

Services of the housing company


The fee for family sauna shifits in 5,00 euros (not dependent on the amount of family members). The sauna
shifts can be booked: > sähköinen asiointi > saunavuorot or tel. 020 198 6700 (press 1).

Common sauna shifts are as follows:

  • for women on Tuesdays 6 – 8 pm (building 9 and 7)
  • for men on Tuesdays 6 – 8 pm (building 10)

Laundries, drying and mangle rooms

Your home key is fit for laundries and drying and mangle rooms.
Laundries are located in buildings 1, 3, 4 and 9. The size of washing machines vary between 7 and 12 kilos. For
the time being the laundries are free of charge. The reservations can be made on the reservation list located in
the laundries.
Please check if you have the right to use the drying room in connection with the laundry shift. Also outdoor
drying facilities are available for all residents.
Laundry for carpets is located in building 2.
Mangle rooms are located in buildings 1 and 4. The reservations can be made on the reservation list located in
the mangle rooms.
Garage for washing cars is located in building 1.


The cable net is maintained by Dna-Welho. The net has 20 channels.
The housing company has made an agreement about broadband facility with Suomi Communications. The
broadband is available in every apartment. The monthly fee (compulsory) for the broadband is 6 euros per

Airing clothes and dusting

Airing bedlinen and carpets is allowed only on dusting balconies as defined in house rules.
Dusting and drying facilities are available also in the courtyard.

Waste management

Collecting of household waste

The waste collection rooms are located behind building 9 (upper level) and in the garage located between
buildings 2 and 3. Separate waste bins are available for mixed waste, composting waste, minor metal waste,
glass, paper and cardboard. Please flatten the cardboard boxes in order to save space and minimize expenses.

Other scrap and waste

Electric equipment (such as refrigerators, washing machines, TVs and PCs) are hazardous waste which shall be
removed by the residents at their own expense. Please see further instructions


The maximum speed on the property is 20 km which shall be obeyed in order to avoid accidents.
Parking is allowed only on the parking places. It is not allowed to park on the lawn or on the driveways.
Parking places can be reserved: > sähköinen asiointi > autopaikat or tel. 020 198 6700 (press 1).
Please note that the amount of parking places is restricted and it may take some time to get one.
The traffic signs at the property shall be obeyed.

Other information

Water charge

The water charge will be invoiced for each person living in the apartment.


The property manager must be informed about any renovation planned to be made in the apartments. The
housing company has the right to supervise renovations. It is not allowed to start your renovation before the
housing company has given you a renovation permit.
Apply the renovation permit online: > sähköinen asiointi > osakasmuutostyöilmoitus
When renovating apartment please pay attention to neighbors’ comfort of living and the tidiness in the
It is not allowed to make noisy works after 9 pm or during Sundays

Information about defects

The residents shall inform the service or the property manager about defects in apartments which are the
liability of the housing company.

Hobby room

A room for handicraft is located in building 6. The entrance to the hobby room is behind the house, stairs
down. The key to the room can be received from the property manager.


Skateboarding is prohibited on the property. It may cause disturbance and danger to residents.


Smoking is forbidden at common premises and the residents are also asked to avoid smoking on the balconies
and close to front doors of the buildings.

Fire alarm device

The residents are liable for acquisition and maintenance of fire alarm device (one per each 60 sqm).